FOB Avalon

FOB Avalon-That is Family on Board. It has been fun spending the last two weeks in Avalon Harbor on the same buoy. Every morning we say hi to the Harbor Master and he lets us know if we can stay on the same buoy for the day. The way it works in Avalon is the owner of the buoy can give 24 hours notice and kick off anyone on their buoy. We have been lucky to stay in one place for two weeks. It is not yet the season in Avalon so we have enjoyed the harbor to ourselves. The cost of a buoy in Avalon right now that will accommodate a 60’-70’ boat is just under $1,000,000! The only thing you get is 24 hours notice. You pay maintenance, property tax and don’t get any of the revenue. Yikes! I like the deal we have…buy four get three free. We pay for four nights and get three nights free. What a great deal, a week in Avalon for $320.

Mid-week versus Weekend

Mid-week versus Weekend

We have enjoyed company while spending time in Avalon. First we had our good friends from Seattle Ann & Jim Champoux. It was fun to share some of our adventures with some “non-boaters”. I think we have some converts. We spent a week of exploring Catalina. For me it was a great time to reacquaint with my childhood growing up in Southern California coming over on the original “Roxia” and “Roxia II”. The current “Roxia” knew how to be on an Avalon Buoy right from the start. After the Champoux’s left Em and I had a few day to unwind and do laundry before my entire family minus our son Will came for a visit.

Can you find Roxia?

Can you find Roxia?

My brother and mom have a Condo at Hamilton Cove so our niece Ashley and nephew-in-law Chris stayed on the boat with us with Addie and Bobby. This was the first time Addie and Bobby had been on the boat even though we have owned Roxia for 8 months. After a packed Mother’s Day weekend celebrating with my mom (90), Em, Karen and StBM (soon to be mom) Ashley, everyone caught the Catalina Express for the Mainland except Addie & Bob.

Hammock Life

Hammock Life

The four of us will now cruise around Catalina and do some more exploring. We will spend a night at Gallagher Cove home of Campus by the Sea. Campus by the Sea is an Intervarsity Christian camp that has been on the island for over 50 years. The new director has been a friend of mine for almost 20 years. It is fun to be both in my favorite childhood place with a friend who is now experiencing island life. After Gallagher’s we will spend some time in the Two Harbors area of Catalina Harbor and the Isthmus.


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